Welcome to Portugal and the Azores

While we lived in Madrid from September 1996 to September 2000, Marshall was seconded to the US Embassy in Lisbon. Her work required her to visit Lisbon many times and less frequently to the Azores. As a result of her work plus contacts with people living there, we made several trips outside of Lisbon. She wrote several articles about our travels which were published in the newsletter of the US Embassy in Madrid.

We have collected her articles about Portugal in a separate section because Portugal is quite different from Spain. Because of the opening of the country borders within Europe, it is very easy to cross a border and find yourself in another country without the expected border checks. When one crosses into Portugal from Spain, it is almost immediately obvious. Despite common roots at some point in time, their paths have arrived at quite different destinations in terms of culture and way of living.

Here is a link to a brief listing of food terms for Portugal. We never found one commercially available, so we started building our own and update it after each visit to Portugal. It also provides a brief reference to the wines grown in Portugal

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