Salta La Linda (Dick)

We were delayed leaving Buenos Aires yesterday but encountered no other problems.  Took a remise from the airport to the hotel, El Lagar, cost 22 pesos, about $7. We made a quick turnaround and were out walking, look for a place to eat within a few minutes.

El Lagar is very near, less than 2 blocks, to the train station where people embark on El Tren de Los Nubes, "The Train to the Sky." We found a very nice, new restaurant, "Vagón de Cola" (which can roughly be translated as Caboose") across the street from the station and had dinner there. It would be a tie as to which attracted us inside, the ambience with a lovely salad bar, the menu or the design of the interior. It was a good choice. We started out with an empanada, of course helped with a good bottle of local red wine - Tannat, by Nanni, a Cafayate vineyard. We all visited that salad bar. Marshall had a grilled trout, Ingried opted for "mollejas" - grilled" sweetbreads," and I had a small steak. Afterward, we had a flan casero to share and a small glass of lemoncello.

Us at Vagón de Cola

El Lagar is an excellent place to stay. It was the private home of the Etcharts which has been converted into a small hotel, which retains the ambience of a luxurious home. We now wish we were staying here the entire time and merely driving out to visit the other places.

This morning we had a nice breakfast here, comes with the room, and then ventured out to help the local economy. Monday the museums are closed, so shopping is in.

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