Quilmes, the next day

I've skipped adding to this because we have been busy. I decided to set the time aside for an update, including some reflections on traveling in Argentina.

The weather improved for our morning visit to the ruins. We had a light breakfast and walked over to the museum and were taken around by a guide and who then took us up into the ruins. This is where having the ability to understand spoken Spanish is very important. During our walk through the ruins, our guide explained how he had grown up in the village of Quilmes and like so many others had started work early very young and dropped out of school. Then one day he was very embarrassed when a woman spoke to him and he realized that he didn't understand a word she was speaking. It was Spanish and he had grown up speaking a regional dialect. He started learning Spanish and became a self-educated guide to the ruins and has studied the history of his people. However, he did not speak English and we would not have had the benefit of his knowledge had we not been able to speak Spanish.

This is a small portion of the ruins as seen from the ruins. The buildings shown include the museum, gift shop, restaurant, coffee shop and entrance to the ruins and, behind them, the hotel/inn.

Marshall, Ingrid and our guide, David.
Llamas wandering around the grounds.

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