Quilmes, Las Ruinas

"Quilmes" is a beer, a town, a village and the name of an indigenous Argentine people. We are staying at a lodge at the ruins of the village of the indigenous people. They were the last holdouts in the conquering of Argentina by the Spanish. When the last battle was over, the few men, most women and children were marched to a site near what is now Buenos Aires. Few survived the march. The rest died within a short time. It is said locally that some escaped capture by sneaking away in the night over the mountains and it is their descendants who now populate the area.

We tend to travel the routes less traveled and when we choose routes more frequently traveled, do do it in off season. Sometimes you are lucky and enjoy places without the overcrowding of the high season. Other times you learn why it is off season and experience reduced services. This is one of the latter.

The morning started out gray and cooler that yesterday. It stayed that way. The lodge is empty except for us three.  It is cool outside and cool inside. The heating in the floor takes some of the chill off but doesn't leave one feeling warm and toasty. I'm looking forward to getting under the covers and getting warm after a nice meal with some local, Cafayatean, wine. Because we are the only guests, they asked us to look over the menu and select our items early. Thus I know what I will be eating before long: Empanadas (of Tucuman), an ensalada mixta and lomo a la frontera.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.

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