Menu Criollo

Tonight we went to a movie (The Mistress of Spices) followed by a meal at Lola, an old favorite restaurant of ours, in Recolleta. Lola was featuring a special menu for flag Day, a Menu Crollio, which means a menu in the style of colonial Argentina. We thought it was a four course meal, including wine for 90 pesos per person. What it turned out to be was four different passes of tastings, which turned out to be much more than we could eat. Of the items in the main course, my favorite was a preparation of venison. They also had a small brochette of yacaré (alligator), which was good but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Please forgive me, Joe. I had wrecked my diet before I even approached the second part of the main course. Then there were over eight items for dessert. I opted for huevos quimbos (beaten egg yolks in syrup) ,  queso y dulces (cheese and jellies), a small item that looked like a miniature chocolate cake but was a welsh cake, and dulce de zapallo (preserved squash). The welsh cake was a surprise and my favorite.

The service was excellent and the meal was very good. There were no surprises in the bill. 90 pesos, 30 dollars per person. We were there for a bit over two hours. The ambience was nice, as we expected from previous visits, and only at one point was the noise level from many happy diners noticeable. It is always nice to return to a restaurant after a couple of years and find that the things you like haven't changed.

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