Cold Snap

The past couple of days have seen a cold wave come into Argentina. This morning the newspapers showed pictures of snow in the areas around Cordoba. It is early to be this cold with the low this morning in the low forties. Here in Buenos Aires everyone is bundled up. Of course many bundle up as if they were going out into the snow if the temperature drops into the sixties.

Argentina is not a country where the anti-fur movement has any traction and today that was very apparent. There were lots of little old ladies, and some not so-old, dressed up in their furs walking out for their coffee or to do their shopping.

Friday, the 25th is an Argentine holiday, Flag Day, and every day there are more and more taxis going around with the Argentine flag flying. Yesterday we were walking around Avenida Florida shopping. While Marshall was looking for a sweater, I was watching a man who was helping the attendants in the store create their own miniature flag ribbons. He had small pins and a big roll of blue and white ribbon which they were cutting and pinning on. When he left, all of them were sporting their own flag pins.

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