13 May - Buenos Aires (Dick's Comments)

Our visit and dinner with friends last night was very enjoyable. They had suffered a fire in a portion of their house early in the morning we arrived.  They and their three children had to flee the house by jumping out of a second story window. They were staying in his mother's apartment until repairs were effected.

We took a taxi to Olivos and were reminded how hectic Buenos Aires traffic can be. After drinks and chatting a bit, we went to a nearby restaurant. It was a typical suburban parrilla restaurant with a big salad bar. The food and wine was outstanding. The restaurant had a separate room for the children to play. It had various slides and other devices for them to exercise and do things that kids do. I think there was an attendant but I never saw one. The children would enter and leave at will, with bigger ones helping smaller ones open the door when necessary. It was nice to see in a place where adults can go out for a nice meal with friends and their kids without being reduced to eating at fast food places like McDonalds.

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