12 May - Buenos Aires (Dick's Comments)

Our trip went well. Flights were on time and no problems in the airport. We were lucky in the weather upon arrival. As we approached the airport, I could see a white landscape with trees and hedgerows and buildings sticking up in places. It looked like a winter scene but I recognized it as being ground fog. It did not give us any problem and our taxi driver had only the normal morning traffic to deal with. However, later I read in the paper that there had been a monstrous four hour traffic jam the previous morning on the same highway because of ground fog.
It is nice to travel to familiar places. We are staying in an apartment we used before. Yesterday we went out shortly after arrival. I immediately knew where to go to get pesos from an ATM, bypassing one that never worked for me before. Stopping at a kiosk to get two papers and then going to a cafe for coffee and light breakfast. Later we walked to a restaurant for lunch and stopped to pick up a few items on the way back, Last night we walked to a restaurant that we used to like but it has changed to the point that it is unlikely we will go back. Not bad but different.
This morning after a leisurely start Marshall and I went out and got my cell phone working using a prepaid card. Then we went different ways. One thing we have both noticed which is a very positive change. No smoking areas are strictly enforced. In the restaurant in which I ate lunch, the smokers were eating outside under a heated canopy. This is a significant improvement from the past.
Tonight we will have dinner with friends out in Olivos, a suburb of Buenos Aires.

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