Marshall's Trip to Antarctica

Here is Marshall's story and photos.

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Going to Antarctica

Going to Antarctica

A Complete Description with Lessons Learned and Lots of Advice!

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Early Days: Planning, Booking

This incredible trip began in November 2006, when I asked my niece Katherine, who lives in Australia, if she’d like to go on a cruise with me as a present for her 18thbirthday and graduation in December 2007, and she selected Antarctica!  I’d been thinking about Antarctica for several years as I watched colleagues in Embassy Buenos Aires head that way, and I tamped down my concerns about dealing with the cold, and replied, “Sure, let’s go for it!”

Next, I began to investigate various companies offering trips to Antarctica, seeking advice from former State Department colleagues who had worked with Antarctic and Artic issues, and eventually arrived at Quark, which is well respected in the travel community – and whose ships had a small passenger load. This was important as the IAATO rules do not allow more than 100 persons on shore at any time (more below on IAATO and the Atlantic Treaty).  Quark also had a representative in Buenos Aires, Zelfa Silva, who was known to several friends, and whom I realized that I had actually met during my embassy tour. Zelfa would eventually be a key factor in our successful trip. Quark Expeditions & Zelfa's site 

Antarctica Trip Photos

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A few shots of people enjoying themselves on the trip.

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